Providing green solutions to the food and consumer markets

American Biopack is a leading manufacturer of high quality disposable food packaging and industrial packaging products, such as sugarcane tableware and electronics packagings etc. All our products are made from 100% Biodegradable & Compostable materials, including sugarcane pulp and bamboo fiber. The natural material makes our products totally decomposable and provides a cost-effective, environmental choice for our customers.

With our in-house production facilities and engineers, we are able to assist customer in developing a completely new range of products to meet your market demands and needs. From the conceptualization of your products to the delivery of the final production, we provide you with an end-to-end customized manufacturing solution

The future is in renewable resources, and this is a truth we have embraced both from a business standpoint, and a human one. Biodegradable resources are an investment we are more than happy to make.

How we do it?

To give the world greater access to echo friendly environment options, We look the direct-to-customer approach. Our products are made with the very best raw materials as other premium biodegradable food packaging brands. But our overhead is designed to be as low as possible to benefit our customers and those who care.

Please join us to make the difference!

American Biopack offers a unique selection of biodegradable food containers that are perfect for restaurants and other business looking for a green solution to their food packaging needs. Our recyclable and compostable bowls are made from plant fibers such as bamboo and sugar canes.

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