Our organization is built around a bold idea aimed at being a catalyst for integration of technology into cost-effective, sustainable food packaging.


Our commitment to our central mission of promoting sustainability involves acknowledging our collective responsibility to care for the environment that we call home. However, this theme is not just witnessed in our products but also present in our various professional and management activities throughout the broader organization. We are committed to promoting good sustainability practice, reducing environmental impacts, and enabling our clients to do the same.

Thus, we have created an overall Sustainability Policy rooted in the following core values:



We will produce high quality products that directly contribute to the goal of sustainability by minimizing waste and supplementing the ability to recycle and reuse.



We work diligently and proactively to exceed all benchmarks set internally and by various legislative organizations.



We strive to integrate a mission of sustainability into every aspect of our operations including management decisions, recruiting, distribution, and other areas. This ensures that sustainability is not just in our products, but our livelihood.



We strive not just to produce products but also to educate others about their roles in preserving our planet. This is done through engagement with customers, education of employees, and ensuring that everyone within our network subscribes to this Sustainability Policy.

Why choose bagasse food container ?

American Biopack offers a unique selection of biodegradable food containers that are perfect for restaurants and other business looking for a green solution to their food packaging needs. Our recyclable and compostable bowls are made from plant fibers such as bamboo and sugar canes.

Result:100% Biodegradable in 90 days.